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We Provided the Hindu astrology or the Vedic astrology or the Indian form of astrology services. We have knowledge on all 3 branches of Indian astrology i.e. Hora, Samhita and Siddhanta. At Online Panjitji, you get astrology consultations on match making, decision on buying a new vehicle or new home, the auspicious day for starting anything new, guidance on personal issues, remedies on the health issues, advice on the change in career and so on. With us, you will also get horoscope information including Horoscope in detail, basic horoscope, and horoscope with full predictions.We also make kundli of new born baby to any person will courier you too.

Indian weddings, particularly, Arranged marriages have their roots in our Vedas. The way the weddings and various rituals are conducted now took shape during the Vedic period. These Dharmashastras are a representation of the laws of the various Vedas.

Occasions to do a Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja)

1-Although it sounds imperative that a Vivaah Puja happens during a couple’s Vivaah, there are a few other instances where the couple does the Vivah Puja. Many couples do a vivaah puja while buying a house together.

2-Additionally, a lot of couples like to renew their wedding vows on their wedding anniversary.

3-Moreover, quite a few couples who did a court/registered marriage, do a Vedic Vivah Puja and remarry each other on some special occasion in their life.

Vivah Puja (Wedding Puja) Vidhi or Procedure

1-The Vidhi actually changes from one community to another, but quite a few rituals are common.

2-When the groom’s procession arrives at the entrance of the venue, the bride’s side welcomes the groom and his near and dear ones by performing the Var Satkaar Ceremony.

3-After the bride joins the groom in the Mandap, the father gives away his daughter to the groom in a ceremony known as Kanyadaan.

4-The Vivah Hom begins by lighting the sacred fire. The Panighran ceremony follows the Hom Lighting; Panigrahan refers to the groom accepting the bride as his lawfully wedded wife.

5-The couple then circumvents the Agni Kund and takes the Mangal Pheras. Each Phera is a vow of commitment to each other.

6-After the Pheras, the Saptapadi ceremony begins. It is the ritual of taking seven steps on grains of rice.

7-Each step has its own significance. This is followed by the Sindoor and Mangalsutra ceremony.

8-The couple then seeks the Aashirwaad of all the elders followed by the Bidai (send-off / farewell) of the bride and her Griha Pravesh in her new home and family.

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Dharmik Shakti was Start 19 Nov 1998.Dharmik Shakti Sales Genuine Rudraksha Beads , Certified Gemstones, Pure Shankh, Rudraksha Mala, Religious Yantra, Religious Pendants & kavach and all types of Religious Products at reasonable prices to people worldwide. Dharmik Shakti continuously enhances knowledge on the properties of this bead based on past researches and experiences of people.The only Organization which provides High quality Rudraksha Beads and All Types Religious Products which have been 100% Guaranteed and certified. I am Pandit & sell only Original Products. Hindu Rituals Procedures that has been done by me for ENERGIZING (Pran Prathistha) of Rudraksha , Shankh, Yantra ,Kavach & Pendants before being sent to our clients. Hence you can directly start wearing the Rudraksha as soon as you have received them.

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